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District of Columbia Beauty Salons Financial Data

2013 Key Statistics

Evaluate the salon industry at the county level for the state of District of Columbia. Data include the total number of salons in the area, the number of employees, and their salaries. Census data on population statistics is also included. Use this information to evaluate opportunity and competition at the geographic level and target the greatest number of customers.

Revenue Map

Geography Number of salons Total employment First-quarter payroll ($1,000) Annual payroll ($1,000) Employees per salon Payroll per employee Total population Total population per salon
District of Columbia - - - - - - - -
District of Columbia, District of Columbia - - - - - - - -
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

2012 Beauty Salon Sales Data

County level statistics for total employer receipts include revenue from sales, shipments, and other business transactions. Salary and payroll information reflect a salon's expenses. Sales data is used to forecast earnings based on similar businesses or benchmark a salon against its competitors.
Geography Number of salons Total employer receipts ($1,000) Total employer annual payroll ($1,000) Total employment Receipts per establishment Receipts per employee Employees per salon Payroll per employee
District of Columbia - - - - - - - -
District of Columbia, District of Columbia - - - - - - - -

2013 Nonemployer Statistics

Nonemployer salons have no paid employees, but if numerous enough, they can increase market competition.
Geography Number of nonemployers Total receipts ($1,000)
District of Columbia - -
District of Columbia, District of Columbia - -

2007-2013 Beauty Salons Revenue

Market size data is useful for evaluating the entire salon industry in the United States and comparing an individual salon's performance to the national average.
Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Revenue ($ million) - - - - - - -

Sample Revenue Graph

Beauty Salons Market Size

2007 Beauty Salons Products and Services

Target the most profitable products to offer in a salon based on national data.
Product line Amount ($1,000)
Industry total -
Hair care services -
Hair care services - Hair cut services -
Hair care services - Permanent hair texture modification -
Hair care services - Hair coloring & tinting -
Hair care services - Hair styling services -
Other hair care services -
Nail care services -
Nail care services - Manicure services -
Nail care services - Pedicure services -
Skin care services -
Skin care services - Temporary makeup services -
Skin care services - Facial services -
Skin care services - Masks & body wrap services -
Other skin care services -
Hair removal services -
Hair removal services - Permanent -
Hair removal services - Temporary -
Massage services -
Massage services - Therapeutic -
Rental of non-residential space in buildings or other facilities -
Rental of booths & chairs in beauty & personal care estabs -
Resale of merchandise -
Resale of cosmetic products -
Resale of other merchandise -
All other operating receipts -
All other receipts -

Sample Products and Services Chart

Salon Products and Services

2013 Beauty Salon Receipts by Business Size

This information can be used to determine the optimal size and number of employees for a salon based on annual payroll.
Number of employees Annual payroll ($1,000)
Establishments with 1 to 4 employees -
Establishments with 5 to 9 employees -
Establishments with 10 to 19 employees -
Establishments with 20 to 49 employees -
Establishments with 50 to 99 employees -
Establishments with 100 to 249 employees -
Establishments with 250 to 499 employees -
Establishments with 500 to 999 employees -
Establishments with 1,000 employees or more -

Sample Payroll Graph

Payroll Bar Chart

Get the Information You Need

This state-level beauty salon report contains key industry statistics organized by District of Columbia county. Use this information to identify geographical business opportunities and benchmark a salon against its competitors.

2013 Key Statistics
2012 Sales Data
2013 Nonemployer Statistics
2007-2013 Revenue
2007 Products and Services
2013 Receipts by Business Size
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